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20 Tickets

Prize Details

  • Round trip air fare to Boston, MA from anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States and Washington, DC (AK and HI excluded). 
    Departs May 1 and returns May 4*
  • A 3-night stay in a Double Queen Suite at the historic Hotel Buckminster, just around the corner from a certain very famous, very old, green-walled ballpark.
  • A pair of tickets to EACH of the three weekend games between the team that calls that ballpark home and their pinstriped rivals from the Bronx

Each game will seat you in a different section of the ballpark, giving you three unique vantage points on one of the greatest places in the world to watch baseball:

  • Friday from the grandstand on the 3rd base line
  • Saturday from the bleachers (which are great seats in this particular park)
  • Sunday from a 1st base line Loge Box.


All proceeds will further our mission of providing a non-compulsory, relationship-driven, self-directed learning program for teens in the Portland area.
Money raised will help pay for program delivery and tuition reductions
needed by many of our families.

*Airline, flight details, and origin airport to be chosen at the discretion of Open Road Learning Community for Teens.
Most major airports will qualify. No purchase is necessary to enter.

Click here to see the full Official Rules.

Open Road is a life-changing alternative for Portland, OR teens who are uninspired in traditional school. Our community empowers teens to learn without school, crafting a personalized learning program that is non-compulsory, self-directed, and relationship-driven. We trust teens to learn what, where, when, how, and with whom they choose. Open Road teens develop the confidence, responsibility, and self-knowledge that
enable fulfilling lives of possibility and passion.